What Is LikeUp?

LikeUp is a Facebook boosting service. Using LikeUP you can get as many likes you want to your fan page, you can get as many friends as you want, and finally you can get as many followers as you want on your FaceBook account for a cheap price! We also offer a FREE trial with 15.000 likes so you can test it out before buying!

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Why choose us?

We offer the cheapest Likes and Followers in the market, you can find our package options on the "Order" section of the page which can be found at the top of the page. We also offer a FREE trial to make sure we keep every costumer happy, so you have an option to test out our views for free before buying and we always deliver in less than 24 hours! What are you waiting for? Order now!

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The likes come from all over the world, they are REAL people. We offer variety of packages in which you will get followers/fans from whole world not from one country. We offer likes for your Facebook Fan Page, your profile pictures, followers, subscribers and many more!